Gopal Foundation

Gopal Foundation, established in the year 1999, was initiated with the noble goal of imparting education to the deprived. Children who couldn’t afford to enroll into quality education were adopted and sent to schools. It was clear soon after that Gopal Foundation needed to expand its efforts towards other social causes as well.

The Kargil War of 1999 left many with broken hearts and homes. The foundation reached out to the widows of martyrs from the war and helped in their rehabilitation with generous donations. The foundation employed all available hands to assist in any possible way after the disastrous earthquake in Bhuj, Gujarat in the year 2001. We were involved in the remodelling and reconstructing of houses in an entire village. We also dedicated our resources towards restoring order and helping the sufferers of the 2004 tsunami across the south western coastline of India.

Year 2004 also saw a major expansion in the scope of our work. It was decided to fight CANCER by adopting those under privileged patients who could not afford their treatment. In alliance with AIIMS, New Delhi the Gopal Foundation has adopted more than 800 cancer patients and continues to provide them free chemotherapy medicines.

Currently, our CSR activities have taken under its fold the villages of Suma and Dughilag from Himachal Pradesh. The construction of an approach road to Suma by us provided the much needed aid for other developmental activities to reach the village. We also constructed stairs and footpaths at various places for the convenience of pedestrians.

Primary school kids were provided with scholarships and books and a children’s playground was constructed for physical well-being of the children from Suma. The village of Dughilag too was part of our CSR role, as we proceeded to improve the standard of living in it. Solar powered street lights were set up along the village roads. The renowned Bhapa Sidh Mandir too saw remarkable improvements in the kind of facilities that were provided. Our CSR plans for Dughilag also involved the deputation of a doctor to the village panchayat, to provide free check-up and medicines.