A top of the line product, it is the ultimate expression of premium quality and a rich aroma. Specially made for connoisseurs & blended to perfection with exclusivity of a delightful vanilla flavour.

Gopal 132

When a pack of Gopal 132 is manufactured, added into it are the fine attributes of rich aroma and supreme class quality. For that, Gopal 132 enjoys being the first choice of top connoisseurs.

Gopal 100

Gopal 100 is a high quality tobacco product which give consumers a rich feel all round. The richness is a result of high quality tobacco, flavoursome spices and the exclusivity of saffron.

Gopal 60

A taste maker which creates an absolutely delightful taste and an experience to savour. Gopal 60 is an exquisite mix of tobacco, flavours and aromatic spices.

Gopal Grene Deluxe

Gopal Grene Deluxe is more than a serving of exceptionally tasteful flavours. It is an experience that lets you into a state of unique pleasure.

Gopal Royale

Gopal Royale is manufactured from selected tobacco leaves which adhere to strict hygiene checks. The presence of authentic kesar in it provides for a taste which lasts long with a very pleasant feel of refinement.

Danadan & Hungama 98

Providing a taste of authentic and original flavours, Danadan & Hungama 98 have gathered a substantial base of loyalists in the far eastern parts of India.