Quality Control

At GCL, we place the utmost importance on high quality and it is through our standards of excellence that we have built a loyal customer base. All our packaging materials, raw materials and finished goods undergo an extensive QC check before being used to create what we like to call as the the Gopal Experience.

We have got rich experience of testing the perfumes, essential oils & aromatic chemicals. And our labs are equipped with GCMS, GC, UV- visible spectrophotometer, Polarimeter, Refractometer for instrumental testing as well as various other analytical testing techniques.

Besides even if a material is approved by the lab in instrumental and analytical lab, it has finally to undergo through the nose and taste buds of our Testers who are experienced in this for many years and have very developed senses.

Our unwavering commitment to producing only the finest products has earned us ISO certifications on all our manufacturing units of branded packaged food. Additionally, the quality of all our FMCG products are regularly monitored through Product Quality Ratings Systems (PQRS).