Presenting you EAT’OS Candy in 5 different Mood Refreshing Flavours with Real Fresh Fruits Extracts!

EAT’OS Khatta Metha Aam Papad

Now you can relish the fun of eating sweet-tangy aam papad with masala, even in a candy !

EAT’OS Kachcha Aam

Eating sweet-sour raw mango with a masala twist will surly take you back to those childhood days !

EAT’OS Natkhat Imli

When sour Imli will meet spicy masala, your tastebuds will feel pure delight.

EAT’OS Raseeli Litchi

Find the mouth-watering sweetness of litchi, Now in a candy !

EAT’OS Nagpuri Santra

Made especially from the juicy Nagpur oranges, this candy will burst in your mouth like a taste-bomb !