mouth freshner

GCL has been instrumental in revolutionizing the Mouth Freshener sector in India. GCL has introduced an assortment of rejuvenating flavours for the masses to relish. Produced in high quality check environments, the GCL Mouth Freshener line of products has successfully created a space for itself in the Indian lifestyle.

Gopal B-Kool

Introduced in the year 2014, B-Kool mouth freshener instantly received wide recognition among the youths of India. Being produced completely from natural ingredients, and of course its mouth refreshing attributes helped B-Kool to further gain recognition in various parts of the country. B-Kool comes in two fresh flavours – fruit Blast and rose twist.


Gopal Sparkles

Gopal Sparkles has gained a substantial appreciation to become a favourite among the tasteful lot. It has achieved such a stature owing to the royal feeling it generates. A product of superior ingredients, every seed that goes into a pack of Gopal Sparkles is handpicked. It is available in Sliver coated Elaichi Saffron blended.


Gopal 132 Flavoured Supari

Gopal 132 flavoured supari is prepared by using the best quality betel nut and are being processed at our high end manufacturing facility to bring out the best taste and flavours to our customers, today Gopal 132 flavoured supari has become one of the preferred supari in its segment.